Tuesday, July 21, 2015

The Facts On Foster Care: Real Info based on Data - Not Myth

Hi Friends,
We are lucky enough to have resources tap us on the shoulder, and the Good people at SocialWork@Simmons created this really interesting Info graphic that paints a picture of who and what makes up the current state of the Foster Care System.

I think you'll all find it interesting - and perhaps it may help you all explain it to your families and friends, - those of you who struggle with the issues we brought up in our post about Getting Rich in Foster Care- the Great Myth...

Some of these figures may not fit your particular circumstances, and they don't offer data - vital data such as children's diagnosis- which could relate directly to their future crime/school/and social data- but here seems to reflect badly on the Foster Care system itself.

  Remember, these figures are to be reflected upon and discussed.  The poor outcome for many of these kids cannot be blamed on struggling foster parents (although more training for how to deal with RAD, ADD, and other complex issues is something we think is necessary - not to mention support groups!) but may reflect more upon our inability to address these truly difficult PTSD issues and Attachment disorders in an effective way yet. 

We think this is a terrific graphic to show where we are, and where, as a "system" and as individuals, we need to improve, or strive to learn more, to make our Foster Kid- Graduates into Super Heroes.

What do you think? Comment here, on our FB page or join our Google Plus group to discuss.

Demystifying Foster Care, SocialWork@Simmons


  1. Megan sent this to me too! The data can be painful to read. What you added is so important. That we need to discuss these numbers. That we can't leave them where they are.

    One note...the bottom right shouldn't be under the title "less likely." They updated the graphic (link below for you). I'm planning to include it soon as well!


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