Tuesday, April 29, 2014

FosterCare Month/ Foster Parent Rescue BirdHouse Challenge! May 1 - 30 2014

Hi Friends!
In honor of Foster Care Month, we here at Foster Parent Rescue wanted to do something fun, and therapeutic, for our foster families and kids this year... a Birdhouse Challenge.

Here's How it Works:
1.  Build from scratch or pick up an inexpensive plain (unpainted) wood birdhouse from your local craft store. They are generally under $5.00.  One Birdhouse per child. All Ages.
2.  Work with your foster, adopted or troubled kid to decorate the house any way they'd like.  Talk to them about how they'd like the house to look. Talk to them about how the house is going to welcome a bird family and give them shelter.  How would they want to make the birds feel welcome?
If they have a hard time getting started, ask them to think about some of their favorite things and to bring those things to the birdhouse to decorate it... They can use their favorite colors, they can glue on their old- favorite action figures, glue on fake flowers, paint on a scene or do whatever they'd like.

The most important part of this project is the discussion that takes place during the painting... You can open up a very interesting conversation about what a "home" is, what makes a home, and find out what type of things your child might need to feel welcome.  This is ESPECIALLY useful with new kids coming into your home, so refer back to this project all season long when a new kid comes in.. use it anytime to help bond and begin a conversation about providing shelter, and what a "home" is all about....

3. Once the birdhouse is decorated, take a digital photo of the birdhouse and send it to me here or post it to me on our Facebook page.  Be sure to include the child's First Name and City, State or Country. (No pics of the kids please.  Sorry, we'd love to see them, but it's a privacy thing.)

Please send your birdhouse pictures to us here by May 30th.

In June, we are going to gather all the photos together and put them into a collage we will post on all of our sites.. Facebook, the Blog and our Google Plus Page.  We would also love for you to share your stories about the experience with us.  If you had any great conversations, what the kids thought about the experience etc.

And, of course, don't forget to hang your birdhouse outside for new birds to come and move in.

We hope you'll participate and spread the word.  It will be a fun project for you and your kids, and can open up meaningful conversations if you spend the time to consider the true meaning of building a home... big or small.

We are trying to wrangle up some cool gifts for participants (randomly picked) but at this time have no promises for you... BUT, its still FUN... and we can all share in the photos...

We can't wait to see them.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Welcome to our newest readers....

Hi new friends....
We just wanted to take a minute to post here to say Welcome to any new readers of our blog and encourage you to browse through our blog and our top ten posts to get a handle on what we are all about here.  We hope you find our posts helpful.

If you are looking for something specific, check out our Search tool, or the Page tabs at the top of the page where we have gathered some of our blog-series of articles. 

We feel like we have covered a lot of the fundamentals here and are spending more of our time now on one to one collaborating with our foster parent followers on Facebook and Google Plus pages.  If you have any questions, issues you can't find resolutions to, or just need to vent, please join us on those more- interactive pages, or you can message us here.  If you can't find an answer here, we are happy to help you find the answers you need or put you in touch with other supportive foster parents (or adoptive, or bio parents) who want to help as well. 

Please... join us.  We are here for you. 



image: https://www.flickr.com/photos/mgifford/