Friday, April 20, 2012

Setting the Foundations: Chore Lists, Rewards and Discipline Sheets

by John and Diane

As I mentioned before, having House Rules posted benefits everyone in the home, foster kids, parents, visiting kids and other caregivers. Having very clear rules and consequences helps makes kids feel secure and makes supporting and enforcing the rules a family obligation. Favoritism is also avoided because the rules are clearly defined for everyone to see. 

Along with the House Rules I have posted the Chores List, Allowance and Privileges and Disciplinary sheets.  These forms are all mounted on the wall of my group Foster home (under Plexiglas of course, which is screwed to the wall) so that everyone knows exactly what to expect when they follow or break the rules. These sheets are updated as necessary, but I thought I would provide them here (and on our Facebook page for you to download and use if you'd like) as a guideline for you, or to inspire you to create your own.  A place to start, you might say.

Again, please go to our Facebook Page to see the sheets larger or to download.

As always, please share your ideas, additions and comments!


  1. where exactly is this down load. i have liked the facebook page but I dont see it. please and thank you.

    1. Hi, Thanks for asking. When you go on our FB page, click on the PHOTOS tab. Scroll to 2012 photos and you'll see all the images. Once you click on the photo, Go to the Option link at the bottom of the picture, then Download.