Dealing with Sexualized Behavior in Foster Kids Series

Check out our entire series on dealing with sexualized behavior with foster kids all from one location. Ideal for new foster parents or if you are dealing with this issue for the first time. Each link will take you to the original posting. Links will be updated as the series develops. 


Dealing with Sexualized Behavior in Foster Kids Part 1. 

      synopsis: As a foster dad, I have dealt with a lot of sexual behaviors with children.  It is a confusing and frightening development for some foster families…one they are often not totally prepared to deal with, so I often get questions about these behaviors.  Here is one scenario recently brought to my attention.

Dealing with Sexualized Behavior in Foster Kids Part 2. Making Your Safety Plan.

synopsis:  What is a Safety Plan for dealing with sexual incidents with foster kids? We talked about it briefly in the first part of this series. Basically, it is this: A plan of attack for when the inevitable situation arises with your child that places the parent and children of the opposite sex (for the heterosexually acting-out child) in jeopardy. Incidence such as if a teen girl would expose herself to the Father or son in the household, or a boy in the house becomes aggressive with a daughter or Mother in the house. 

Dealing with Sexualized Behavior in Foster Kids: Part 3 EvaluatingIncoming Foster Kids  

synopsis:  I wanted to talk about all the questions I would ask the caseworker and the children to figure out where the child is in there “sexual age” and what the child’s sexual experiences were.  I wanted to give foster parents a way to know what they were getting into before they ran into trouble with a child predator in their home.   (Yes, I know that sounds harsh, as children are victims first, but they can and will become predators to other kids in your home if you are unaware of their behaviors.) 

As I reflected on it I realized I couldn’t do it. There is no way to know until the child is in your home. Sure, sometimes it's clear…but most often times, you simply can’t see the red flags or the signs that a child will display sexually inappropriate or aggressive behavior until after they are in your home.


Dealing with Sexualized Behavior in Foster Kids: Part 4: Red Flags 

 synopsis: In this final part of our series on navigating the tricky landscape of sexualized behaviors with foster kids, we talk about recognizing some Red Flags that should alert you to the potential for behavioral issues to develop. The list here is based upon personal experience during years and years of working with foster kids …

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