Monday, September 10, 2012

There’s an App for That: Modern Technology Tackles ADD and Autism Issues

by John and Diane.

“Back to School” time means organizing yourself, and the kids.

If your kids go to special needs classes, have busy schedules or have additional issues like many of our adopted or foster kids do, any help you can get in getting the kids or their lives under control would be a blessing.  Well, there may just be an App for that!

With the decreasing cost of many computer notebooks and “pad” devices and the increase in awareness of the needs of kids with Autism-spectrum diagnosis or common ADD or ADHD problems, software developers are trying to help. (Or make money, but whatever.)

In any case, there are a few Apps and products out there that might be worth a try that can help keep your kids on task, make transitions or social situations easier or just remind them to do their homework.  Here are a few that we found.



This is a visual prompting tool that can help Autistic kids transition from one activity to the next, make choices and focus on a task. Created by a Mom of an Autistic child and a speech and language pathologist, it can be used on iPads by kids with great ease and is well received by teachers and users.
Check out this link for more information and to watch a video on the product.


Tools for ADD kids may just end up as distractions, but according to some articles, can help make things less frustrating for them and allow them to learn by eliminating some things that may slow them down, like issues like poor spelling.

A highly- visual dial that can keep track of time in a graphic way can help remind children to stay on task in class.  Because of its bright colors and countdown feature, it might help kids focus on a project better than they might without this large and colorful reminder.  You can check it out, as well as other suggestions for ADD kids like use of a PDA, Audio books and scanning pens at this link.

Checklists, reminders and homework trackers are just a few of the helpful apps available at this link that might be useful for families with ADD and ADHD kids. The Social Skills and Brain Trainer is an especially interesting App aimed at helping kids choose appropriate behavior in common situations that might challenge them.

Try them out for yourself by going to this website at:

Do you have an App that you love? Share it with us! 

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