Thursday, April 21, 2016

School Combat: Why Students are Getting Hit By Teachers and School Security

School Combat: Why Students are Getting Hit By Teachers and School Security

This morning's news brings yet another report of a student being "attacked" by a teacher in a classroom.  This is just another in a string of reports of students being pushed out of their desks, thrown to the ground or otherwise strong-armed in the classroom by teachers or school security guards during the school day.

Why is this happening?

I know some of you may say I'm blaming the victim here, but... well, there is plenty of blame to go around.  This epidemic of Adult to Student abuse has come after decades of student coddling and befriending by the school system, resulting in an air of disrespect and chaos in the classroom.

What's left is a bunch of burned out and yes, abused teachers and staff, spending days trying to teach disrespectful and defiant students - amid a group of students who want to learn and are trying to do the right thing.

Mix in the menagerie of social and cultural issues, poverty, drug use, kids coming from homes that allow disrespect and physical fighting amongst themselves and you have ... well.  THIS.  An environment where kids are afraid of their fellow students AND the staff.

In this particular case, it is said the student was talking back to the teachers-aide before the video was filmed.   No excuse... but... well..... Should the child have respected his teachers, his elders?  Should his parents have taught him that?

Below is a link to this newest case... but there will be more to come, no doubt, until kids are taught both at home and in Kindergarten how to respect the school system and the importance of their own education and those who are there to teach them.

Those of us who have troubled kids have spent plenty of time going to the schools to pick up the kids after an incident.  Angry outbursts, verbal abuse, Yes, I've had kids who have gone-off on teachers verbally - been stubborn and acted out - already in special ed classes because of their special circumstances, but the teacher's and staff I've worked with have always been prepared, - we've discussed what steps to take and they have spaces to remove the students too.  My foster kids have known that if I had to come to school to get them.. they would lose privileges and well... they knew I had greater expectations for them and we would troubleshoot with the care team to deal with their behaviors.  Let's just say they'd come home and be splitting wood for days. :)

Most of these cases that hit the news result in lawsuits against the schools and no consequences for the child's behavior that may have initiated the issue.

What do you think?  Can we do better?

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