Sunday, December 16, 2012

Talking to Your Foster and Adoptive Kids about Tragedy

 UPDATEIt is with a very heavy heart that we are re-running this blog post and links due to the Newtown Tragedy. I guess there will always be another crisis and unspeakable crime committed in this world for our children to deal with... but we continue to pray and have faith that the love you give your foster, adopted and biological children will give them the sense of security and safety they need to go out into the world each day and know they can make it better.  We pray for strength for all of us, and especially for our friends in Newton.

Hi Friends,

I just wanted to take a moment to share some resources on how to talk to your kids about tragic events in the world. If your kids have been seeing news reports about the Colorado Movie theater shooting, they may have some questions and be feeling anxiety. The fact that it happened at a movie many of our kids want to see, may make it especially "close" feeling to them, making kids with trust disorders or other traumatic pasts feel unsure, insecure and uneasy, without maybe even being able to say why.
Here are two resources that dealt with talking to your Foster or Adoptive kids about tragic events (most written around Sept. 11th.)

Be mindful if you notice increased anxiety in your RAD kids, that it may be due to seeing news accounts of this shooting event. New behaviors like bed-wetting or becoming more withdrawn are some red flags to watch for.

Try to limit their exposure to the news reports and discuss the event as suggested below. Discuss the event with your child's counselors and caseworkers as well so that they, too, may open up a discussion if need be. 

We hope you find it helpful.

Talking with Adopted Children about Tragedy

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