Tuesday, February 5, 2013

ADHD Management without Meds? Is the Trick Perseverence?

by John and Diane. 

According to an article recently published on American Psychological Associations website, titled Easing ADHD without Meds, a new handbook on treating ADHD recently published recommends behavioral approaches and a three pronged approach over medications in many cases of ADHD in children.

The article highlights that with early intervention and training of parents, teachers and therapeutic recreational programs, children's symptoms of ADHD and resulting educational implications can be managed and children can SUCCEED without medication.

A few important thoughts I felt were noteworthy in the article. One was that teacher training was vital in working with kids and focused on an ADHD child's need for instant gratification.  When a teacher is specially trained to work with an ADHD child's symptoms, learning becomes less of a struggle and the educational system begins working FOR the child instead of against his natural impulses.

The other thing I found interesting is that early childhood intervention and early learning also helped kids with ADHD.  Even before kindergarten, early exposure to reading and math can help kids from falling behind educationally due to ADHD.

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