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Is Neurofeedback the Solution for Your Child? Follow Our Journey: Part 5 The First Report Card Since NeuroFeedback

 The below post is from our friend “Marie.” She is sharing her story with us as she tries a brain-retraining program (neurofeedback) with her daughter who has ADD and severe memory issues.  This will be an ongoing series following their progress and success.  We hope you find it helpful as you search for solutions for your own children.

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Part 5: The First Report Card Since Neuro-Feedback Started

My daughter received her yearend report card. I was curious to look back at the comments from the first semester pre-Neurocore
They said things like “She is very capable when she challenges herself and doesn’t let herself get distracted. “
Then I read and compared her last semester post-Neurocore comments.
 They were as follows: “The last 6 weeks of class have been great for ___ in math. She is on task, and using her problem solving skills to figure out problems she wouldn’t have tried before without a teachers help.” 
Fabulous! I was so thankful to hear the official feedback.

As I have discovered, she does have the ability to remember. She may daydream while she is listening to instruction, but if you can get her to stop the habit of daydreaming AND hold her accountable then wallah! 
This has taken a combination of Neurocore - neurofeedback and regular home spun behavior modification.   
Before, I think I felt a little squeamish about holding her accountable to a task.  Mainly because, in my gut, I felt she wasn’t grasping the information fully. Unfortunately, my attitude enabled her to become undisciplined and lazy.  
 I am so thankful that I know what I am dealing with now. With this information under my belt, I feel confident she has all the capability and NOW it is time to tackle the laziness, etc.
And we still have 12 sessions to complete…

Have you tried Neuro-feedback and have a story to share? Please comment here or on our Facebook page.  We have no personal interest with NeuroCore - we are only bringing you the true and unbiased findings in hopes of giving parents some information from another parent.
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